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Saturday, October 08, 2005

"The Travelling Staff" Vasily Nikiforov-Volgin, Literature 2005-10-08

Literature work by a wonderful Russian Orthodox writer and journalist Vasily Nikiforov-Volgin. Born in 1901 to a village shoemaker, they emigrated to Estonia after the 1917 socialist revolution.

The family was poor and Vasily could not get a decent education, but he devoted much time to self-education and became a good journalist and author, naturally not without God's help.

Vasily was a fervent Orthodox Christian. Since childhood he liked to go to church. Later, parallel with his basic literary activities, Vasily served in a church as psalm-reader.

Vasily Nikiforov-Volgin is the author of the book "The Travelling Staff", excerpts from which we are happy present in translation. It has nothing to do with fiction, everything is based on facts, on real stories told him by Orthodox Russians. The narrative is related in the name of an Orthodox priest, whose name the author does not disclose.

Read more "The Travelling Staff" at the Voice of Russia website or visit the Mansfield & United Lutheran podcasts to hear this week's sermon from an ELCA Lutheran perspective.

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