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Voice of Russia VOR radio network produces "The Christian Message from Moscow" in English. Web audio not easily available, reproduces this. Podcasting makes it a golden era to learn about our Russian Orthodox Christian compatriots, their rich history, music, composers, performers, writers, sermons, and Saints' lives and works. Listen each week and check out our other offerings on our website. VOR's TCMFM page is

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christian Message From Moscow: "St. John of Kronstadt" 2006-12-02

St. John of Kronstadt was a person if unbreakable will, courage and energy. On his chest there is a cross with the crucified Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ, somebody St.John lived for, prayed to and stood in front of so many times to see Him with the eyes of his mind and heart. In one hand he holds a holy cup filled with the body and blood of our Lord. He seems to be inviting all Russia to take the Eucharist, for the one who takes it unites himself with God and takes from the hands of the Saviour eternal life.

Read the full text "St. John of Kronstadt" at the Voice of Russia website.

You are also welcome at the Mansfield & United Lutheran podcasts to hear this week's sermon from an ELCA Lutheran perspective.


Anonymous LaFemmeKatya said...

Are these podcasts also available in Russian. If they aren't, how difficult would it be to have them read and posted in Russian as well. There is a large contingent of Russian Orthodox Christians in diaspora who, I am certain, would be very pleased to hear these in their native tongue.
Thank you for your good work!

10:14 PM  
Blogger SunMan said...

I don't think they are available in Russian as the original programs are provided by the English speaking service of the Voice of Russia.

My posts on the web were (past tense) a hugely labour intensive undertaking that I used to do, but no longer do.

It was very interesting, but I received no cooperation or help from anybody, including the Voice of Russia.

I made many polite requests for a format that disn't require so much work on my side, but had no success getting them to help.

Since the project took a number of hours each week which was 100% volunteer on my part and since I am not Russian Orthodoz, I stopped.

However, the ones that were done are still available, although probably not for much longer as I am switching servers and the audio files will no longer have a host.

Best regards.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

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