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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Orthodox author/journalist Alexander Poliakov, 2005-10-22 VOR

Today we'll look at the life and creative effort of contemporary Orthodox author and journalist Alexander Poliakov. Alexander spent his childhood years in a small village in Kazakhstan, where his father worked as a construction engineer. The family later moved to Gatchina outside Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. It was then and there that Alexander fell in love with literature and started writing his first poems. After school he graduated from the Journalism Department of Leningrad University and spent some time traveling across the Soviet Union maturing and honing his reporting skills.

It was much later that Alexander embraced the Orthodox creed – a major turnaround that coincided with his work on his first major novel, “The Fiery Abba”. The book recounts the feats of life accomplished by a Russian count of mixed British and Swedish descent, Edouard Seevers, who later became a Russian Orthodox monk. Next week (Saturday, November 5) we’ll read excerpts from Alexander Polyakov’s novel, “The Fiery Abba”, in the following CHRISTIAN MESSAGE FROM MOSCOW program. Wishing you good listening.

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