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Monday, June 26, 2006

Christian Message From Moscow (Russia:) "A Moscow Father" 2006-06-24

Orthodox believers call Saint Alexi Mechyov their "Moscow elder", in that way emphasizing his spirituality. He was not only revered, but was dearly loved by those who came into contact with him.

The pastoral service of St.Alexi Mechyov fell on the beginning of the 20th century, on the years of revolution in Russia. The life of people, especially of the believers, had changed radically in those times. The Orthodox Christians were being persecuted. Many of them, finding themselves without roof over their heads, without bread and under constant fear, were seeking some protection for themselves.

Through the grace of God they found it in the St.Nicholas Church in Moroseika Street, where St.Alexi Mechyov served as a priest. His spiritual children said that he had a "generous" heart, which made him very sensitive to the sufferings of others. About himself he used to say that by nature he had a very compassionate heart.

Read the full text "A Moscow Father" at the Voice of Russia website.

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